A little background on why I named this blog what I did.

I should probably do a little explaining on my title of this blog. First my last name is White. Therefore I live in the "White House." Living in the "White House" makes me the 1st Lady. My physical address says I live in Westwood Ca. (not the one by Los Angeles) but a little mountain town in Northeastern Ca. However I really live in a section out of Westwood known as Pinetown. With all the joking going on between my friends, I inevitably became Pinetowns 1st Lady living in the "White House." With all that said, this is just going to be a more personal blog of my life here in Westwood/Pinetown. My family and friends being a big part of it.
Originally I really wanted to take a picture a day for one year and post it on this blog. Perhaps like a photo diary. My life though is quite quiet and perhaps is not photo worthy for a picture a day but I plan on trying. So why not hop in and take a ride with me through little mountain town U.S.A. You may just love it as much as I do!


The ants go marching, for Mellow Yellow Monday

Rain has been the name of the game on and off the last 3 days, mainly on. Much needed up here in these mountains I live in. Needed or not I still loathe it, never having loved "dancing in the rain." LOL!!!

So today when there was a slight break from it, I went out searching for my picture(s) of the day along with a picture for Mellow Yellow Monday .

Finding nothing, I was looking down putting my camera back in it's case when I noticed an ant hill right smack in the middle of the street.

A little shocked by this, (after all, where were they digging? this was asphalt!)
Bringing my camera back out and putting it on Macro mode, I just started taking pictures when I saw this one ant with almost a whole worm in his mouth!

And this little guy was really trucking. I actually had a hard time keeping up with him on these shots. I know that ants can carry some outrageous amount of weight compared to their body weight, I just never paid enough attention to the fact that they could also carry something darn near as big as them.

So this is my picture(s) of the day for this blog and my Mellow Yellow Monday pictures. I figured the worm was yellow enough,but when I brought them in the house here and downloaded them the little yellow rocks were just an added bonus. LOL!!!
For more Mellow Yellow Monday pictuers just click below. You will be glad you did!
Allison, also known as Moon-Writer
Have a great week ! Until next one, PEACE!!!


Pyzahn said...

Wow. Red ants! Aren't those the ones that have a ferocious bite? But they certainly are hard working little critters.

Sally in WA said...

Those ants are amazing indeed! Enjoy your Monday!

kayleen said...

Such an industrious little critter! Great macro shots.

Thanks for stopping by.

Drowsey Monkey said...

Wow that's pretty cool and kind creepy all at once! LOL Those ants are busy!

Regina said...


storyteller said...

Love this post! Ants are so industrious aren't they. I'm fine with them as long as they stay OUTSIDE. Wish you could send some of that rain our way. We need it so here in So Cal! I played at Happily Retired Gal and Small Reflections on Monday but haven't had time to visit until today.
Hugs and blessings,

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View Larger Map This is where I live. To the right of Westwood barely visible is the little section I live in called Pinetown. We have probably 150 to 200 people for our population. Westwood on the other hand is HUGE by comparison with a population of around 2000!
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A great big Thank you to Cheryl for this friendship award!

A great big Thank you to Cheryl for this friendship award!
Lots of Hugz and PEACE!!!