A little background on why I named this blog what I did.

I should probably do a little explaining on my title of this blog. First my last name is White. Therefore I live in the "White House." Living in the "White House" makes me the 1st Lady. My physical address says I live in Westwood Ca. (not the one by Los Angeles) but a little mountain town in Northeastern Ca. However I really live in a section out of Westwood known as Pinetown. With all the joking going on between my friends, I inevitably became Pinetowns 1st Lady living in the "White House." With all that said, this is just going to be a more personal blog of my life here in Westwood/Pinetown. My family and friends being a big part of it.
Originally I really wanted to take a picture a day for one year and post it on this blog. Perhaps like a photo diary. My life though is quite quiet and perhaps is not photo worthy for a picture a day but I plan on trying. So why not hop in and take a ride with me through little mountain town U.S.A. You may just love it as much as I do!


Ayjah Mae and Lucinda Sue

Wet, windy and cold, I can also add miserable is what the weather was like in good ol' Westwood Ca. 96137. Quite a bit of rain and then add the snow that was melting due to the rain and there was not a dry spot out the door. Sloshy, slushy and just plain shitty is the reason I am posting what I am posting today. However backing up to just yesterdays post here, I had realized I had not ever introduced anyone to my other family members of the animal kingdom.
A little story goes with it.

I was given my female cockatial over 7 years ago. I named her Ayjah Mae. Ayjah came to me at around 4 months old, hand trained and being able to say I am a pretty girl.

Meet Ayjah Mae

Ayjah is a wonderful girl and would hang around on my shoulder for hours, she used to sit on the bed and watch T.V. with me.
But if she is not acknowledged when she says I am a pretty girl, she will start saying it louder AND she says "I am a pretty,pretty girl"
4 years came and went and a dog was added to the mix so no more Ayjah hanging out on my shoulder.
Then the day came where someone decided that Ayjah needed a mate. I did not want another bird but what are you going to do. I was introduced to my new pet because I answered the door one day, but THAT is another whole story.
In walks this woman with this bird telling me how now I had a pair of cockatials. I asked her what the birds name was. She said to me I have not named her yet. I said well my bird is a female.
Yup you probably guessed it. I found out that I have a male cockatial named Ayjah Mae that gets mad if you do not acknowledge him/her when he/she says I am a pretty girl!"

I ended up naming my REAL female bird Lucinda after Lucinda Williams the blues/folk/rock-n-roll singer whom I love. All my animals are given middle names and hers is Sue.

When I met and married my husband over 6 years ago he built me this bird cage that goes from the floor all the way to our ceiling. Their cage is approx. 4x4x8 feet. They have it MADE in this big cage!

As you can see they really love each other, and they will lay eggs if I put a nesting box in their cage, then the male will sit on them for 12 hours and then the female will sit on them for 12 hours.
After several of these nesting experiences and never any babies, I had to take out the nesting box. After all Ayjah says she is a pretty girl and I think she thinks she is. I have never seen them "do it" and that is fine with me, after all she has got to be a little mixed up in her gender. LOL!!!

So , now you have met my whole family and I got away with not having to go out in the nasty weather to try to find a picture for today!


Handi said...


A mated Pair of Cocatiels in order for them to Have a Clutch of Eggs, Requires 12 hours + of activity, Lights on, Sound, etc, and a MINIMUM Of 75+ Degrees ALL The time.

Then and only then will they start their mating... I raise Cockatiels, Unfortunatly not anymore right now cause my Male of my Mated Pair died along with several other of my Cockatiels.

Just holler at me if you need to know anything bout it... Males, have a Solid Color Tail feathers under neith, Females have a Stripped Tell Feather on the under neith.

I can't see the Tail feathers so I can't tell you which is male or female.


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A great big Thank you to Cheryl for this friendship award!

A great big Thank you to Cheryl for this friendship award!
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