A little background on why I named this blog what I did.

I should probably do a little explaining on my title of this blog. First my last name is White. Therefore I live in the "White House." Living in the "White House" makes me the 1st Lady. My physical address says I live in Westwood Ca. (not the one by Los Angeles) but a little mountain town in Northeastern Ca. However I really live in a section out of Westwood known as Pinetown. With all the joking going on between my friends, I inevitably became Pinetowns 1st Lady living in the "White House." With all that said, this is just going to be a more personal blog of my life here in Westwood/Pinetown. My family and friends being a big part of it.
Originally I really wanted to take a picture a day for one year and post it on this blog. Perhaps like a photo diary. My life though is quite quiet and perhaps is not photo worthy for a picture a day but I plan on trying. So why not hop in and take a ride with me through little mountain town U.S.A. You may just love it as much as I do!


Utility Pole in the middle of the street

As is quite apparent by me, I love my "mountain" and I love my little camera, I love taking pictures which makes it real coincidental that I am enjoying making this blog. Even if not a soul from cyberspace ever laid eyes on it, I am learning and seeing and enjoying more and more through the camera's eye. With that said I am constantly bitching about how I see wonderful "begging to be" pictures on a daily basis that I can not take.Why? For the reason that this monstrosity is on my hubby's property. Yep! This utility pole, phone pole, electricity pole all wrapped into one and all it's "glorious lines" are strewn about this whole little side town of Pinetown , Ca. 96137. On the upper left of this picture is where it just so happens to be connected to our house! This section of town was known as old town years ago at the height of the logging industry known as Red River Logging Company.
Because this was the Red River Logging Company owned all of this property. This house came from my hubbys grandfather so the beginning of this history is a little bit unsure.

But what I can say that is sure is that these lines are in the way of wonderful sunrises, and sunsets. Beautiful full moons and half moons.

It's amazing to look at all the not wanted visual arms of lifelines that are coming from this one pole. The one pole that just so happens to be on the edge (literally) of my hubby's property line.

Coming towards where I am standing in this picture taking it, a car approaching is suppose to be in front of this pole to turn towards the left or stay to the right to continue down this street, which really is a loop that brings you back onto this street. Anything on the left of this pole (from this picture) you are actually driving on my hubby's property. This IS a common occurrence especially during the summer months or the hunting times from non locals.

There is, truly is, a wonderful aspect of having this pole where it is.
When someone wants directions to my house? I just tell them to keep on coming down the street until they are about to run into a telephone pole! And I live right there!


Jana said...

How funny. It looks like that pole is in the middle of the road.

Allison said...

This pole IS in the middle of the road!
Thanks for the comments.
I sure do appreciate them

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View Larger Map This is where I live. To the right of Westwood barely visible is the little section I live in called Pinetown. We have probably 150 to 200 people for our population. Westwood on the other hand is HUGE by comparison with a population of around 2000!
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A great big Thank you to Cheryl for this friendship award!

A great big Thank you to Cheryl for this friendship award!
Lots of Hugz and PEACE!!!