A little background on why I named this blog what I did.

I should probably do a little explaining on my title of this blog. First my last name is White. Therefore I live in the "White House." Living in the "White House" makes me the 1st Lady. My physical address says I live in Westwood Ca. (not the one by Los Angeles) but a little mountain town in Northeastern Ca. However I really live in a section out of Westwood known as Pinetown. With all the joking going on between my friends, I inevitably became Pinetowns 1st Lady living in the "White House." With all that said, this is just going to be a more personal blog of my life here in Westwood/Pinetown. My family and friends being a big part of it.
Originally I really wanted to take a picture a day for one year and post it on this blog. Perhaps like a photo diary. My life though is quite quiet and perhaps is not photo worthy for a picture a day but I plan on trying. So why not hop in and take a ride with me through little mountain town U.S.A. You may just love it as much as I do!


Fletcher Walker Elemtary School

This post today is coming due to the T.V. show "The View." I just so happen to be an avid fan of the show and never miss it. I do not watch T.V. and never really have, but I do "listen" to the news in the morning and for the most part I actually try to sit down to watch "The View." Whoopi Goldberg brought up on Monday how "Thanksgiving" seems to have been just pushed aside this season in preference of  hustling Christmas. She also brought up the Pilgrims and the Indians and how she has not seen nor heard any indicators that this story is even being told anymore. Ever since she said that on Monday it has been on my mind, as I have not seen my Grandson bring home any Pilgrim/Indian pictures, or those Turkeys made out of pine cones, or hand prints etc. and it has been on my mind ever since.(In fairness I also have not seen much of my grandson in the last couple weeks) So today for my picture(s) of the day I decided to have my hubby drive me by Fletcher Walker Elementary School to see if there were any clues that any of the classes had participated in the Thanksgiving story.
This is what I found.
     Walking all around I saw no Turkeys, no Indians, no symbolism of the Thanksgiving story. That does not mean it was not told. Nor does it mean that perhaps the childrens art work to do with Thanksgiving has already been removed, due to them being out of school for the week.
So with that said and my curiosity somewhat indulged, I would love to share these pictures of a very nice school yard indeed. Standing on Sixth street with Delwood to the right and Cedar to the left, Fletcher walker Elementary School is a full block all the way around.

This is overlooking the Kindergarten Playground from Fifth and Cedar Streets.

And back out front again on Delwood, sits their lone school bus. The kids that live in Westwood have no bus. They must walk to school. Pinetown where I live, on the outskirts of Westwood, the children are picked up by this bus.

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Eric S. said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy your weekend, and get to spend the holiday with those most special to you.

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View Larger Map This is where I live. To the right of Westwood barely visible is the little section I live in called Pinetown. We have probably 150 to 200 people for our population. Westwood on the other hand is HUGE by comparison with a population of around 2000!
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A great big Thank you to Cheryl for this friendship award!

A great big Thank you to Cheryl for this friendship award!
Lots of Hugz and PEACE!!!