A little background on why I named this blog what I did.

I should probably do a little explaining on my title of this blog. First my last name is White. Therefore I live in the "White House." Living in the "White House" makes me the 1st Lady. My physical address says I live in Westwood Ca. (not the one by Los Angeles) but a little mountain town in Northeastern Ca. However I really live in a section out of Westwood known as Pinetown. With all the joking going on between my friends, I inevitably became Pinetowns 1st Lady living in the "White House." With all that said, this is just going to be a more personal blog of my life here in Westwood/Pinetown. My family and friends being a big part of it.
Originally I really wanted to take a picture a day for one year and post it on this blog. Perhaps like a photo diary. My life though is quite quiet and perhaps is not photo worthy for a picture a day but I plan on trying. So why not hop in and take a ride with me through little mountain town U.S.A. You may just love it as much as I do!


Damn Honking Truck Drivers!!!! Day 58

Yesterday when I took my walk and took the pictures for yesterdays post, I was walking down the Hwy, towards town (Westwood) when I saw this approaching me (below)
It was coming around the corner and coming my way. As it approached the driver started to honk, and then he honked again, but this time I have myself completely off the road even though there is a bike lane. As it passed me it let out one more very long honk! I had already by this time lowered my head as it was a bit uncomfortable . I am not a young girl anymore!
But now I must hang my head in shame as I am about to announce, how I , assumed  things I should not have been assuming. 
#1  Don't assume some Truck Driver is honking at you for no other reason than to honk
#2 Don't assume that a truck driver WANTS to honk at you 
#3 And don't assume the Truck Driver is some stranger honking with lewd thoughts!
#4 Don't EVER assume that said Truck Driver is not your very own son!!!
Yup, I knew my son Travis had started a new job and that he was driving a "dump truck"  Me, I am visualizing a Tonka looking dump truck! Not this!!!
So today I asked him to stop by and please let me take a couple quick pictures for my picture of the day, and he did. It is an absolutely beautiful day today!
However I am announcing to the world of bloggers whom may stop by that YES, I am eating a GREAT BIG piece of humble pie as I write this post!


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View Larger Map This is where I live. To the right of Westwood barely visible is the little section I live in called Pinetown. We have probably 150 to 200 people for our population. Westwood on the other hand is HUGE by comparison with a population of around 2000!
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A great big Thank you to Cheryl for this friendship award!

A great big Thank you to Cheryl for this friendship award!
Lots of Hugz and PEACE!!!